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Amanda Gwynne

At Amanda Gwynne Consultancy I offer Bio-resonance testing and harmonisation treatments at The Bath Practice in Bath, at Equilibrium NHC near Corsham and The Family Chiropractic Centre Bradford on Avon. For more information about these clinics visit: 




Appointments can be made either by phone or email to myself or the clinics mentioned above.

A cancellation fee may be applied if less than 24 hours notice is given at the discretion of Amanda. Gift vouchers are also available to purchase either online or by post

NB.Please note that none of the therapies on this website should be considered instead of medical advice from your doctor. Please continue with your medical treatment as prescribed.

Guidelines for Clients regarding therapy protocols for Corona Virus

At this time I would like to assure my clients that I always follow high hygiene standards and will continue to do so. I follow strict hygiene protocols prior to and following sessions. I would highly recommend that Clients use anti-bacterial hand wash/hand gel before their treatment. I will consult with each of my clients before their treatments to ensure they do not fall under any cases in which the government has advised against social contact. This may include:

• Clients with flu-like symptoms or members of households where others are experiencing flu-like symptoms

• Those who have recently returned from other infected countries

• Those who the government consider ‘high risk’ including over 70s, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions

• Alternative treatment using distance saliva sample testing and treatment is available for vulnerable clients, those in isolation and also those who may be suffering with the Corona virus.

“As a member of the Complementary Therapist's Association (CThA) I will be continuing to monitor the situation and seek advice from the industry professionals in regards to any government updates." For more information or an informal chat contact Amanda on 07818 415516 or contact page.

 Amanda Gwynne Consultancy offers the following therapies:

  • Bio-resonance Therapy
  • Food Intolerances & Allergy testing
  • Bio-resonance therapy for animals
  • Distance testing for allergies, and other imbalances
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Reflexology
  • Infertility Workshops
  • Smoking cessation

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During the last 10 years when the sun came out and there was an increase in temperature, I developed a painful, and extremely itchy rash with blisters, on my hands, arms, chest and back. Occasionally it even affected my face. I used various anti histamine tablets, and prescribed steroid creams, which did not seem to improve my skin condition. Before bio resonance Following bio resonance A friend suggested I contact Amanda for allergy testing and bio resonance. Following testing it turned out I had intolerance to a number of foods and substances and not the sun. My symptoms were treated with bioresonance. Subsequently, I omitted these foods from my diet and after 4 sessions of bio resonance my skin was clear. The good news is that I can now go outside on sunny days and maybe even go abroad on holiday thanks to Amanda and bioresonance. I would highly recommend bio-resonance to anyone suffering with skin problems. Donna Bain.

Robert wrote: 'In my own case, Amanda's combination of hypno-therapy and bioresonance has been complementary in two senses. First, in that it has addressed crucial problems, such as insomnia, or anxiety, which have been blocking the beneficial effects of more mainstream drug therapies--in my case, steroids for very bad psoriasis--and so has allowed those conventional therapies to act more quickly, and therefore cut down their use! But it's also complementary in that the treatments run in parallel. The Bio-resonance is almost like a bonus. If you already find hypnotherapy beneficial, as I did, then adding in the bio-resonance treatment can enhance the overall benefit. In my case, for example, it demonstrated to me that I had become acutely allergic to dogs, while also helping me to tolerate their presence.' I hope that's useful for you! Many thanks indeed for helping me to get to this much more balanced state. I'll be calling on your services again if there's any backsliding!

very best wishes Robert Livingston

Breaking News:

Daily Mail article supports the use of saliva testing for serious diseases:

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes could soon be diagnosed using a simple spit test. Saliva tests could revolutionise the way serious diseases are diagnosed. The tests could lead to much earlier diagnosis and treatment

They work by picking up indicators of inflammation in the saliva. Patients wouldn't need to see a doctor - they would just swab their mouth and send the sample away for analysis.

Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses could be diagnosed by a simple saliva test within the next decade, according to experts. Researchers say their research has the potential to revolutionise how heart disease, diabetes and cancers are diagnosed, meaning the conditions are discovered and treated earlier.

They say saliva samples could help save time and money for patients and doctors, as it means more people could access preliminary medical examinations by just sending their spit.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2383698/Cancer-heart-disease-diabetes-soon-diagnosed-using-simple-spit-test.html#ixzz2b0g9uQ5J