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At Amanda Gwynne Consultancy I offer Bio-resonance testing and harmonisation treatments at The Bath Practice in Bath, at Equilibrium NHC near Corsham and The Family Chiropractic Centre Bradford on Avon. For more information about these clinics visit: 




Appointments can be made either by phone or email to myself or the clinics mentioned above.

A cancellation fee may be applied if less than 24 hours notice is given at the discretion of Amanda. Gift vouchers are also available to purchase either online or by post

NB.Please note that none of the therapies on this website should be considered instead of medical advice from your doctor. Please continue with your medical treatment as prescribed.

Guidelines for Clients regarding therapy protocols for Corona Virus

As guidelines have changed I am now offering distance saliva testing for my current clients and also welcome new clients who would like to have a full health MOT in these challenging times. I have also written a blog on ways you can support your own health and stay well whilst following government guidelines. 

Life has changed beyond imagination in the last few weeks with the pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19) originating in China and spreading throughout the world. Understandably, it has caused much concern for our physical health and wellbeing, not to mention the effects on our emotional and spiritual health. Fear is at a high level amongst us all and we feel helpless in many regards to protect ourselves, and our loved ones. At the present time there aren’t any proven solutions to prevent or treat Covid-19 although trials are in progress across the world. Good health ultimately is our responsibility.

My clients and friends may well be cringing now as I continue to extol the virtues of good nutrition, acid-alkaline balance, reducing environmental toxins, detoxification, rest and exercise! Therefore, I would like to share with you a brief (sort of) list of ways you can support your mind and body through these difficult times.

• Support and boost your immune system with an organic diet with more plant-based foods and less processed food. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and antioxidants and provide the best food for our good gut bacteria. The immune system is dependent on the gut and vice versa. A large percent of your immune system is based in your gut, such as Payers patches and your appendix is also an emergency reservoir for immune cells.

• Take a good quality probiotic to support your good gut bacteria, such as Microbz gold, which I highly recommend and use myself, as it is gluten and dairy free, and fermented ethically on a local farm. Please quote AGC10 code if you order and you will receive 10% off your order.

• I would also recommend taking a good quality organic Vitamin D3, Zinc, selenium and Vitamin C during this time to boost and support immune function. Please check that any supplements are compatible with any medication that you are taking.

• Hydration is of vital importance to our cellular health but especially during this time. Findings from Japan suggest that we should sip water regularly as this may flush the virus down into the stomach where it cannot survive the acidity. Keep some good clean filtered water with you at all times. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends drinking warm water. Add some lemon, ginger and honey to some warm water or increase your intake of herbal teas too.

• Acid alkaline balance within our body is also important for our health and to support our immune defense. We are naturally slightly alkaline beings. Keeping the balance with good nutrition and reducing our intake of highly acidic foods such as commercial sugar and processed foods helps our body’s internal milieu to remain slightly alkaline and therefore inhospitable for viruses and bacteria to proliferate out of control.

• Detoxification of our bodies is part of health and we can support this by remaining well hydrated and making sure all the exits are open! Daily bowel movements are important for this and may be assisted by adequate fibre intake in the form of vegetables and fruit. Dry body brushing with a soft bristle brush prior to a shower helps to slough off toxins from the skin and then flush with water. Epsom salt baths are another good way to support detoxification.

• Good quality sleep is also important for our mental and physical health. Make sure your bedroom is for sleeping and not a continuation of your office. Turn off the TV, digital clock and all other unnecessary equipment. E-smog may interfere with the quality of your sleep and the cell healing and renewal, which takes place at night. Make a commitment for a regular nighttime routine, which allows your brain to wind, down and prepare for sleep. This includes turning off computers an hour before bed, and winding down. This may involve a warm herbal drink such as clipper sleep easy, or a nice warm bath with some magnesium/Epsom salts or with a few drops of lavender, rose, Frankincense or chamomile etc. Mix the oils with a maximum of 6 drops into some full fat milk to disperse and add to your bath water. Relax and enjoy!

• Essential oils are also invaluable as part of every day protection and prevention of contamination with bacteria and viruses. Incorporate a hand cream blend as part of your regular and thorough hand-washing regime. I add tea tree to some hand wipes too. Using burners and infusers in the home with some oils are a great way to clear your lungs and the air too. For a more comprehensive guide to essential oils please check with me or another aromatherapist for guidance. There are also many good books available online if you are interested.

• Exercise is important in the maintenance of our health. Take a walk or cycle/run as part of your daily routine. Get outside in nature and breathe deeply. There are also many online classes such as yoga, Pilates, in the interim.

• Mindfulness, meditation and deep yoga breathing not only calm your mind and spirit during these stressful times but also expand your lungs.

• Keep in touch with friends and family. Chat on WhatsApp, Facetime or whatever means you can. Chat to your neighbour across the fence. We are social beings and need human contact for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

• Last but not least none of these suggestions are there instead of medical advice from your doctor. Please follow the guidelines laid down by the NHS and the government for your own health and safety and those around you.

“As a member of the Complementary Therapist's Association (CThA) I will be continuing to monitor the situation and seek advice from the industry professionals in regards to any government updates." For more information or an informal chat contact Amanda on 07818 415516 or contact page.

 Amanda Gwynne Consultancy offers the following therapies:

  • Bio-resonance Therapy
  • Food Intolerances & Allergy testing
  • Bio-resonance therapy for animals
  • Distance testing for allergies, and other imbalances
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Reflexology
  • Infertility Workshops
  • Smoking cessation

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During the last 10 years when the sun came out and there was an increase in temperature, I developed a painful, and extremely itchy rash with blisters, on my hands, arms, chest and back. Occasionally it even affected my face. I used various anti histamine tablets, and prescribed steroid creams, which did not seem to improve my skin condition. Before bio resonance Following bio resonance A friend suggested I contact Amanda for allergy testing and bio resonance. Following testing it turned out I had intolerance to a number of foods and substances and not the sun. My symptoms were treated with bioresonance. Subsequently, I omitted these foods from my diet and after 4 sessions of bio resonance my skin was clear. The good news is that I can now go outside on sunny days and maybe even go abroad on holiday thanks to Amanda and bioresonance. I would highly recommend bio-resonance to anyone suffering with skin problems. Donna Bain.

Robert wrote: 'In my own case, Amanda's combination of hypno-therapy and bioresonance has been complementary in two senses. First, in that it has addressed crucial problems, such as insomnia, or anxiety, which have been blocking the beneficial effects of more mainstream drug therapies--in my case, steroids for very bad psoriasis--and so has allowed those conventional therapies to act more quickly, and therefore cut down their use! But it's also complementary in that the treatments run in parallel. The Bio-resonance is almost like a bonus. If you already find hypnotherapy beneficial, as I did, then adding in the bio-resonance treatment can enhance the overall benefit. In my case, for example, it demonstrated to me that I had become acutely allergic to dogs, while also helping me to tolerate their presence.' I hope that's useful for you! Many thanks indeed for helping me to get to this much more balanced state. I'll be calling on your services again if there's any backsliding!

very best wishes Robert Livingston

Breaking News:

Daily Mail article supports the use of saliva testing for serious diseases:

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes could soon be diagnosed using a simple spit test. Saliva tests could revolutionise the way serious diseases are diagnosed. The tests could lead to much earlier diagnosis and treatment

They work by picking up indicators of inflammation in the saliva. Patients wouldn't need to see a doctor - they would just swab their mouth and send the sample away for analysis.

Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses could be diagnosed by a simple saliva test within the next decade, according to experts. Researchers say their research has the potential to revolutionise how heart disease, diabetes and cancers are diagnosed, meaning the conditions are discovered and treated earlier.

They say saliva samples could help save time and money for patients and doctors, as it means more people could access preliminary medical examinations by just sending their spit.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2383698/Cancer-heart-disease-diabetes-soon-diagnosed-using-simple-spit-test.html#ixzz2b0g9uQ5J