What is Vibrational Medicine? Vibrational medicine is a system that uses the ancient art of dowsing to identify the root cause of disharmony (dis-ease) within mind and body. A remedy is made up by Amanda and applied to the body, chakra or meridian system to enable the body to re-balance and heal. Therefore, the premise of this therapy can be described as a meeting of Eastern and Western healing. How does it work? Vibrational medicine works with frequency waves as described in quantum physics. When we consider that everything is made up of energy, as discovered by Albert Einstein (E=MC2), we too are a part of that energy as a human being. Vibrational medicine works by rebalancing the vibrational field within atoms, and molecules which form cells, organs, and systems within our bodies. What is involved with my treatment? At Amanda Gwynne Consultancy a consultation is carried out to ascertain the priority symptom to treat. An individual remedy is then made up by Amanda and applied by the client to the appropriate area on their body.  History: Jack Temple developed his own style of natural vibrational healing, which over the last 30 years has evolved and developed to the present form of vibrational medicine. His two books “ The Healer” and “Medicine Man” give further insight to his work.