Bio-resonance therapy is a gentle, safe and non-invasive therapy which makes it an ideal therapy for animals. Animals appear to be very receptive to testing, and therapy for many conditions including food intolerances, and allergens. My love of animals, and treating my own beloved dog Petra with bio-resonance therapy, led me to specialise in the treatment of animals at Amanda Gwynne Consultancy.

At Amanda Gwynne Consultancy my aim is to help pet owners, and veterinary surgeons relieve symptoms, and facilitate the body to heal imbalances. This is achieved by testing for and treating the underlying cause of their ailments using Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt.

Animal Testing and Harmonisation Procedure:

Testing using passive radiesthesia is painless and accurate with bio-resonance devices. Testing can be carried out to detect whether your pet has any food or substance intolerances using samples of suspected allergens. Many systems of the body and immune system may also be under stress, and having a negative effect on your pet's physical and emotional wellbeing. The aim of therapy involves harmonising any imbalances detected on testing, with the healthy frequency spectra, thereby facilitating homeostasis (balance) within the cells, and natural healing within the body.

The RAH-Vet analysis and harmonisation system provides an extensive frequency spectrum to the organism. The frequencies are applied as a frequency spectrum, in an alternating way to the animal every 30 seconds. How does this benefit your animal? It means treatment times are shorter and more effective. The new RAH Vet consists of organ physiology, as well as a range of specific disorders and diseases to test and treat for cats, dogs, and horses. Another testing option is analysis or feed and drinking water, as this is a very important component for successful therapy.

Cats, dogs, and horses seem to respond very well to bio-resonance therapy for numerous ailments, and symptoms. Here is a testimonial from one satisfied client:

Having experienced bio-resonance myself at Amanda Gwynne Consultancy with good effect, I chatted with Amanda about my horse being lame for a number of weeks, with vets and farriers quite confused as to how best to treat her. Amanda offered to try some bio resonance sessions, which have been excellent in identifying what areas needed attention and helping the overall healing process. Amanda was able to quickly detect which areas were imbalanced, and set about treating these. The reason I knew this treatment was effective was Jazz was sound, and no longer lame for a period of 6 weeks after remedial shoeing and some bio resonance. On Amanda’s second visit the areas that were strongly imbalanced on testing initially, were now either a mild imbalance or balanced. There was then a gap of five weeks between sessions, and Jazz became lame again. When Amanda came out to treat her, the results of testing correlated with the fact she was lame, and showed strong imbalances in certain suspected areas, and she was also in pain. This was relieved by bio-resonance therapy. This treatment has been very beneficial for us as it is a difficult and stressful time when your horse goes lame and you do not know how your horse is feeling. Jazz is now no longer lame as a result of vet and blacksmith input and treatment, plus Amanda’s therapy. I especially liked Jazz having bio-resonance, as it is non invasive and a relaxing therapy. I felt it was a nice added extra for Jazz to have something that helps the healing process and also gives the owner peace of mind.