The number of people suffering with intolerances is increasing, with over a third of the UK population thought to be affected by an intolerance to food or other substances. As well as causing physical discomfort, symptoms may impact on a person's mental health and, in many cases, prevent them from living a normal life. 
Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the root cause can be a struggle. Most tests are currently limited to food items only but often the actual intolerance is related to the preservatives, colourants, food flavouring, E-substances etc. used. The benefit of having a food and substance test using bio-resonance is the provision of a desensitisation protocol which may allow you to tolerate certain foods once again after completing the program.   
At Amanda Gwynne Consultancy I can test for a wide range of substances including:
  • Food and Drinks

  • Food additives, colourants, preservatives, and E-substances
  • Pollen, animal hair, fungi, and various dusts

  • Textiles natural and man-made fibres, colourants, and washing substances
  • Medical drugs and vaccines
  • Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Environmental chemicals

  • your own food samples

Identifying the items to which you are intolerant is vital. You can then take steps to alter your diet or avoid situations where certain chemicals are commonly found. In the many years of allergy testing with Bio-resonance it has been found that you can only achieve a long term solution to intolerances if you manage to restore your acid/alkaline base. This can be helped by reducing your intake of acidic foods and increasing your intake of alkaline foods, to help restore your acid/alkaline balance. 
There is another important step that takes you back to living a normal healthy life: you must ensure your diet includes the correct nutrients or your immune system will be vulnerable to attack and you may continue to suffer problems and symptoms. Therefore, we can also test to see if your body is acidic, and which vitamins, minerals, probiotic bacteria, and essential fatty acids your body is lacking. 
Distance Testing using a saliva sample:

Amanda Gwynne Consultancy also specialises in Saliva testing which has been used to assess an increasingly broad range of intolerances, and medical conditions. Saliva samples are easier to collect, store and post than blood or urine samples. Saliva testing is also non-invasive, and more patient-friendly, particularly when a series of samples is required for testing and analysis.

8 Reasons to use saliva testing:
(Full refund if you are not satisfied with your results).
  • Testing with saliva samples is accurate and non-invasive
  • Comprehensive range of food and substance testing
  • Add up to 3 of your own substances such as pet hair at no extra charge
  • Acid/alkaline food chart sent to you via email
  • Full testing pack will be posted to you with instructions
  • Results will be emailed to you within 7-10 days

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